Home Styling

Property Styling / Presentation

A tidy home says "Welcome". Your home should be kept neat and tidy during the sales campaign for public inspections and appointment only viewings. It should not necessarily be a "show place" but appear a comfortable home in which to live. Fresh flowers or indoor plants always brighten up a home. Personal belongings should be put away and the house should generally be “de-cluttered”.

Briggs Shaw use a number of well known and respected styling companies who provide on-trend furniture, decor and accessories, for hire for the entire sales campaign, that are coastal yet chic and will complement each individual home’s style.

A worthwhile investment and whilst hard to exactly measure, Briggs Shaw believe that professional property styling can add anything from $10,000 to $100,000 to your final sale result.

This is a unique service designed to maximise the appeal of a property to a potential purchaser, and at the same time drive up the sale price.   Property styling  does not need to be expensive and projects range in scope from styling a completely empty property all the way through to simply adding some fresh linen and artwork to an existing furnished property to lift its appeal. In all cases, the end result evokes feelings of aspiration in the buyer to deliver a quick and attractive sale.

Please ask us for more information or images and we can even obtain a quotation for you 03 5988 8391.